It's a common requirement for Dragonfly users to access Dragonfly installed on a remote computer. For this purpose, using Window's Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a natural choice because RDP is well known and readily available, but that option does not work with Dragonfly, because RDP can’t initiate OpenGL applications remotely. A discussion similar to this can be found here:
There are two situations where using RDP will work:
  • Dragonfly was started on the remote computer before the client computer connects via RDP.
  • The only GPU in the remote computer is a GPU supported by Dragonfly (i.e. an NVidia or ATI GPU, so no on-board GPU).
But since these two scenarios are not common, and because in most cases RDP doesn't work correctly, ORS does not support using Dragonfly via RDP.
Instead, we recommend using the numerous alternatives to RDP that support OpenGL, here are a few suggestions (far from being exhaustive): TeamViewer, Zoom, LogMeIn, NoMachine, AnyDesk.

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