Dragonfly provides a simple-to-use 2D Animation tool to scroll through the slices in a volumetric dataset:

For more sophisticated animations, you need to use the Movie Maker, as well as the Visual Plane tool to show 2D images.
Step 1, open the Movie Maker by the right-click menu in 3D viewer. Step 2, Check one of the views in Visual Plane panel, then you will see a new object created in the top-right list. Step 3, Click the view in Visual Plane panel, you will see “Show Data” option - check it. Step 4, Click the MPR plane in the top-right list, you will see “Visual effects” panel below it. Step 5, In the Visual Effects panel, check the dataset you want to see and check “clip”. Now what you see is similar to the screenshot below: 

Continue in the Movie Maker panel to add new key frames for different slices with different zoom, W/L, tilt, etc. To scroll through slices, you can either use the handle (only visible when the visual plane is selected in the top-right list) or move the axis of this visual plane in other MPR views (e.g., move the green axis indicated by the arrow above to scroll the green visual plane).

To hide the handle in your movie, simply click an object other than the visual plane in the top-right list.