Please follow these steps to request a non-commercial license for Dragonfly:

1. Check your eligibility and non-commercial license terms  :

2. If you have never installed Dragonfly, please request the download link for the installer:

3. If you are still in the trial period of Dragonfly, please send us the request by using Dragonfly's Help->Request Non-Commercial License menu. Instructions are also given in the above webpage.

4. If the trial has already expired, you will see this dialog when launching Dragonfly (2020 or later version required):

Click Register for Non-Commercial License button, fill out the following form and attach the photo ID image (don't forget open the Survey page) then click Submit:

Note that you can finish the survey after you submit the above form.

5. If your non-commercial license has expired and you wish to renew it for another year,  you will need to submit a new request using the same instruction as above.

Non-commercial licenses can be requested or renewed at no charge, but you will not be entitled to our professional support. You may use our online help forums, join the free user group on Slack (invitation required), or may choose to purchase professional maintenance and support (M&S) package from us.

After receiving all the information you have submitted, we will verify your eligibility for a non-commercial license. If you are, we will send the license keys to the email address that you have provided in typically 3-5 days.