Yes, you can still use Dragonfly's Bone Analysis tool even if you have only one type of bone (cortical or trabecular) in your image data.

You just need to make the bone that you have as one ROI, and create another empty ROI for the one you don't have.

Following is an example when you have only trabecular bone (or you only want to analyze a specific trabecular area).

In Bone Analysis wizard, make the auto-generated BoneROI (which is initially empty, and renamed to BoneROI-trabecular in the demo below) to represent the trabecular area that you want to analyze:

Proceed with Step 1 to fill the bone ROI (You can skip this step if you wish to use your own ROI as filled bone), which will create a new ROI named BoneROI-trabecular (Filled)

As you don't have cortical bone, the Step 2 for separating bones can be skipped (Just click Next at bottom right to skip this step):

Now you can create the empty cortex ROI:

- Copy the BoneROI-trabecular

- Clear it

- Rename it to my-empty-cortical.

In Step 3, choose the three bone ROIs required for computing Global Measurements, and click Compute measurements button: