1. How can I activate the trial version of Dragonfly? 

If you have installed Dragonfly on a computer for the first time, it will get activated immediately with all features. This is the 30 day trial coming with the installer for new users. 

If a previous trial has expired on this computer, you can’t get another 30-day by uninstalling and reinstalling Dragonfly (no matter what versions they are). In this case, you will need a trial extension license key from ORS to continue using Dragonfly.

2. How can I activate my Dragonfly with a license key?

First of all, your computer needs to be connected to internet to activate Dragonfly.

2.1 if the trial has not expired

If your trial license has not expired, start Dragonfly and then click the Help->Activate Product menu:

You will see an Activate Product dialog, which provides the information about current license status, your Computer Identifier, and a key input box for Activation:

2.2 if the trial has already expired

If your Dragonfly trial has already expired, you will see this dialog when starting up:

Click “Activate the Product”, then you will see the Activate Product dialog:

In both cases, input your license key(s) in box in the Activate Product dialog and click Activate button.

Note: If you have received multiple keys from us, you must input ALL OF THESE KEYS (one per line) in order to unlock the full functionality of all the extensions.

After clicking “Activate” you will see this dialog:

Now you need to restart Dragonfly to see the activation take effect.

3. Should I activate Dragonfly for Current User or All Users?

As your computer might have more than one Windows accounts, you need to choose one of the following options:

If Activation will be for current user only is chosen, the activated Dragonfly can only be used by the current Windows account. If someone logs into Windows using another account, he/she won’t see Dragonfly activated.

If Activation will be for all users on this computer is chosen, the activated Dragonfly can be used by all Windows accounts on this computer. 

4. How many computers can I activate Dragonfly on?

Unless otherwise noted, one set of the keys permit you to use Dragonfly on ONE WORKSTATION ONLY.

5. How can I activate Dragonfly if my computer is not connected to internet? 

If your computer is not connected to internet, you have to send to ORS your license keys and your computer identifier so that ORS can pre-activate your license from our side. After pre-activation, we will send you back a new set of pre-locked "offline" keys which has combined your original key and your computer. These new keys can now be used to activate Dragonfly on that computer without need for an internet connection. 

One of the original license keys may look like this:  BKRN0Q0305GH143J8M5P1A15R9PIFM3ZS7BPF 
One of the pre-locked "offline" keys may look like this: VMP307030543GHJK8N91111IT585D3VRDPBGTHX 

The “Computer identifier” can be found at the Activate Product dialog in Dragonfly.

After you get your pre-locked "offline" keys from ORS, use the same Help->Activate Product menu and input them in the box and click “Activate”. Note you can still use the original keys to activate, if you manage to connect the computer to internet.

6. How can I transfer Dragonfly from one computer to another (both connected to Internet)? 

If both of your computers are connected to internet, you can do it on your own.

First, deactivate (which means unlock, free, or release) your license keys from the first computer by the Deactivate button:

Then use the same license keys to activate Dragonfly on the second computer, following the same procedure described above.

7. Can I deactivate Dragonfly on a computer not connected to Internet? 

With the latest version (2021.1) of Dragonfly, you can't deactivate a license on a computer that is not connected to Internet. If you have no means to get your computer connected, please contact us for help.

8. How can I re-activate Dragonfly on the same computer after reinstalling Windows or making some hardware changes? 

If you have reinstalled Windows without any change to hardware, your computer identifier won’t change. Thus you can use the same license keys or pre-locked keys to re-activate Dragonfly.

If you have made some changes to hardware, your computer identifier will likely change too. In this case, you should deactivate the license keys before making the hardware changes. If you were unable to do that, please feel free to contact us for help.

9. Where is the license file saved on my computer?

There is a file named ORSVisualCred.xml in your local drive. 

(Starting from Dragonfly 2020.1, this file has been renamed to Credentials.xml)

If you chose Current user for activation, the file is located at C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\ORS\DragonflyNN, where NN is version number. For example, Dragonfly40 for Dragonfly 4.0.

If you chose All users for activation, the file is located at C:\ProgramData\ORS\DragonflyNN.

Both of your original license key and computer-locked key can be found in these Credentials.xml files.