When Dragonfly doesn't launch properly, we usually ask to send us all files of the form Application*.log, which are normally found in


where NN is the Dragonfly version (e.g. 2021.1).

On rare occasions, the logs folder is empty, or has only one file named condalist.txt. This situation means that the error encountered happens very early in the startup sequence, before Dragonfly even has a chance to create log files.

One step that can be taken to provide ORS useful information goes like this:

-start a command prompt

-navigate to the Dragonfly installation folder

-type this command:

dragonfly >c:\users\public\output.txt

then send us the file c:\users\public\output.txt

We're redirecting the STD output to c:\users\public\output.txt because normally everyone has write rights to this folder, but you may want to use another path.